A general full body relaxation treatment.  It combines a variety of techniques to soothe sore/aching muscles and decrease stress.

$35 - 30min        $65 - 60min        $95 - 90min


Deep Tissue



Treatment oriented massage geared toward specific ailments and areas of concern. Firm pressure and trigger point therapy techniques are used. It helps to increase range of motion, and decrease pain.

$40 - 30min           $70 - 60min          $100 - 90min


Hot Stone


This modality combines the use of Hot Stones with relaxing Swedish massage techniques. It deeply warms the tissues, which aids in the relief of tired muscles.

$80 - 60min




Specifically designed for the mother-to-be. It focuses on alleviating stresses placed on the body during pregnancy. Also good for improving mood, decreasing stress hormone levels, and reducing back pain. Abdominal massage is offered only after the first trimester (end of 13th week) of pregnancy. For your safety Please check with your midwife/ health care provider before scheduling your session.

$65 - 60min         


Integrative Reflexology

This service is designed to awaken the senses, and put the body back into harmony with a deeply grounding effect.  It is also more detoxifying than a full body massage. The entire session is performed with the client fully clothed*, exposing only the Feet, Hands and/or Ears (depending on the selected service). It is offered in 3 different treatment formats...

1) A 60 Min Full Body Integrative Reflexology Session - which includes beginning the session with either a foot soak or scrub, followed by treatment to the Feet, Hands and finishing with the Ears.  $70

2) A 60 min total combo session including 30 Mins of Reflexology and 30 mins of Bodywork/Massage (*Client may be asked to disrobe to appropriately treat the areas to be treated ).  $75

3) A 45 Min total Foot (Only) Reflexology Session (includes a foot soak or scrub) $55